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Horizon патч Торрент

Horizon патч Торрентскачать dle 10.3фильмы бесплатно

Название игры: Horizon
Версия патча:
Язык: ENG
Таблэтка: Вшита (FLT)

1. Запустить update.exe и установить обновление в папку с игрой
2. Играть

Список изменений

- AI fleets will now attack more regularly when
planning an attack or invasion
- Improved combat unit AI targeting when carrying different
types of weapons vs. multiple targets in firing range
- Last Turn Events now hides on external click such as on the map
- Added game preference option "Switch Ship Selection on click"
- Added "advanced race" creation option (for modding purposes) when
the corresponding flag mod_allowAdvancedRaces=True is set
in "Horizon.ini" in My Documents, Horizon Game
- Reduced the available hull space on Space Stations
(takes effect for new games and with new designs)
- Regular mount weapons will no longer always miss when fired on planets
- Torpedoes firing arc has been changed to 360 degrees
- Weapons with a single refill will now fill correctly on resupply
- Adjusted Assimilation/Subjugation/Extermination effects
on workforce, morale and colony buildings
- Improved display of some text in polish language
- Adjusted font size on low resolutions during
news reports to fit text better


- Fixed an issue with the legend window not opening
or in some cases causing instability
- Fixed a case where de-cloaking ships would stay invisible
until they moved causing auto-mode to disengage
- Fixed an issue in tactical preview mode where ship
scan tooltips would not always display
- Fixed an issue where eliminating a race through invasion
could sometimes cause the game to lock up
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