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Divinity: Original Sin Update патч

Divinity: Original Sin Update патчскачать dle 10.3фильмы бесплатно

Название игры: Divinity: Original Sin Update
Версия патча:
Требуемая версия игры:
Язык: ENG
Таблэтка: Присутствует (deadmau5)

1. Запустить setup.exe и установить обновление в папку с игрой
2. Скопировать содержимое /NoDVD в папку с игрой
3. Играть

Список изменений
AI grid updates
Removed healing potions from Cyseal that were just there for decoration
Ballista is now interactable and shoots nearest enemy when in combat
In general, enemies give lower experience gain
Enemies are tougher in general
Enemies that protected each other will not attack each other anymore when one of them did friendly fire
Infectious flame now has higher cooldown
Added a tunnel under Cyseal
Ghosts are now floating creatures so they are not affected by surfaces
Blank skillbooks are now actually blank and are not a shield skill anymore
Cannot craft unlimited spears with jake's dagger anymore
Moved some edible stuff to ingredients
Fixed resistances on some characters that inherited parent stats
Fixed water bucket pick up failing
Renamed starting equipment to "travelling clothes"
Fixed Flurry skill
Set shoot through flags to true for some small items that were previously blocking arrows
Tactical retreat now leaves cloud behind and has larger radius
Fixes to special arrows (damage, effect, description, AP cost)
Exploration bonuses give less xp now
Infectious Flame does less damage now, has higher cooldown
Fixed and improved AI scripts
Elemental damage boosts on magical weapons now do less damage than their base weapon because elemental damage is more dangerous and powerful and goes straight through armor
Removed magical boosts that referred to abilities and stats that are not in the game anymore
Fixed visual and icon of Scythe
Fixed name of Scorched Earth Skillbook
Fixed Scorched Earth: it now leaves a fire surface behind
Can no longer click the ice crystals of the ice wall
Ice wall now has very high chance of freezing
Mortician now has items for trade
Firefly costs a bit less AP
Dust Devil now does less damage than Whirlwind, and has a smaller bonus range
Changed description of Whirlwind
Whirlwind and Dust Devil now cost more AP
Renamed "Slow Arrow" to "Sticky Arrow"
Gave smart fighter types Attack of Opportunity
Setting specific immunities for characters (e.g. cannot blind headless zombies, cannot disease zombies)
Normal people should not have magical items too often
Shopkeepers that have magical items should have less boosts
Giant orc should not shoot people he cannot see
Some enemy attacks set statuses now
Lower initiative for small crabs
Reintroduced bodybuilding
Removed lockpicking skill, it is an ability, not a skill
Doors cost 2 AP to use
Drinking an entire bottle of an alcoholic beverage makes you drunk
Shopkeepers and people have different repair and identify scores
Guards now care if you are trying to break items in the city
Aureus is no longer unresponsive after you tell him to free Esmeralda
Fixed issue with Fabulous Five quest not closing
Teleport Junius away as far as possible -> get into combat via dialog with them -> Junius doesnt join fight
Evelyn's dialog appeared after talking Esmeralda, where she accuses Evelyn
The stairs in Cyseal jail are no longer tagged as "stealing" when you use them
Wulfram escort quest: Deny the escort -> go down the hatch -> back up -> you see a skeleton smacking Wulfram
The guard near the 'evidence room' door in Cyseal, does not react when you try to bust down the door
When put in jail, you can no longer walk out without the guard doing anything
Fixed the potion vendor in Cyseal reaction
Fixed portals only teleporting 1 person of the party (the one clicking)
Eglandaer quest: after you complete the quest for him & he walks away and you can attack him, he now starts combat
Multiplayer: While 1 player triggers a dialog, other player can attack target: character now doesn't stop dialog
Fixed: When 'Dual dialogs' option is disabled, only one character gets Social bonuses from conversations
Fixed: Multiplayer: Issue with NPC's getting "stuck" when player 1 talks to them & player 2 attacks them
Fixed: Evelyn fight issue -> can lure out all the cultists and Evelyn just stands there.
Fixed: The patients at Thelyron's clinic take damage but never die
Cyseal you can talk to or target headless nick's head again
Fixed: Destroying potion vendor's property triggers dialog on other NPC's, not the vendor.
Can no longer use a companion to initiate dual dialog another companion might have
Fixed: Citizen NPC at Cyseal Harbour -> if you speak to them, it's always the same 1 guy talking
Fixed item combinations, which were not working on items laying in the gameworld
Loadingscreen will not hang anymore during last stages of loading
Limited character creation name to 20 characters
Added new healthbars + specific healthbar for boss creatures
Quests can give you XP now
Fixed serious bugs in alignment system (again!)
Added option to kick a player in multiplayer menu
Fixed a lot of connectivity and NAT punchthrough problems
Fixed issue where new game could not be started after going back to main menu
Added more shadow options in graphics menu
Added "equipped" tab to trade
Waypoint fix for not hiding tooltips and panels
Fixed bug causing the server to incorrectly report to be full
Two handed weapons are correctly shown in paper doll now
Hair is removed now when equipping helmets
Fixed flee behaviour (enemies will walk back to their starting position and regenerate)
Added gameover screen
Added different death types for frozen/petrified
Dialog fix for scrollbar not showing
Fix for game running out of NetIDs
Fixed steam menu being visible in main menu, if it was opened when disconnected from server
Added repair, lockpick and identify mechanic
Traders can repair and identify now...for a price
Improved input handling in UIs
Added status saving throws and immunities
Fixed healing spell healing dead people
Player will now join combat when he casts skills (buffs or debuffs) on other character in combat
Added previews for projectiles
Added preview for ranges when casting spells
Fixed issues where scaled characters were "ice scating"
Added UI when entering regions
Fixed forking on projectiles
Added lifetime of summons to portraits
Improve shroud calculations (shroud artifacts should be gone now)
Characters who are stunned/frozen/knockdown/charmed/thrown will not regain APs
Fixes to steering behaviour of characters
Characters have a lot more sound feedback during combat now
Summons can not pickup items anymore
There are direction markers on the minimap now which point to the other players
Death character will not keep on playing all their effects
Added ClientLeft message and client join/left net events
Roofs in the villages are closed now
Added gametime to savegame metadata
Added game time to journal entries
Added a lot of new statuses (Chilled, Warm, Burning, Wet, Bleeding, Crippled, Blind, Cursed, Weak, Invisible, Slowed, Hasted, Raged, Lucky, Diseased, Infectious Disease, Fortified, Petrified, Blessed, Drunk)
Changed amount of ability points received per level
Optimization on shadow render performance
Optimized loading times, more are underway
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