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Consortium патч 1.2

Consortium патч 1.2скачать dle 10.3фильмы бесплатно

Название игры: Consortium
Версия патча: 1.2
Требуемая версия игры: Любая
Язык: ENG
Таблэтка: Присутствует (RELOADED)

1. Запустить Setup.exe в папке Update и следовать инструкциям инсталятора.
2. Содержимое папки Crack копировать в директорию установленной игры, с заменой
3. Играть

Список изменений
- Heavily updated core combat mechanics and related A.I. Enemies will get much more accurate if you stand still, but accordingly their aim will become far worse the faster you move. Enemies in combat are smarter and more aware.
- New Steam leaderboard for scores achieved with the Civilian Defense training scenario. Reach the coveted top 5 and have your name show up on an in-game scoreboard!
- Greatly improved controller support. It's still partial and you still need a mouse for some functions (notably the inventory screen), HOWEVER it is far more playable and fun with the controller now.
- Choreography polish. A ton of scenes in the latter half of the game now have greatly improved fidelity in terms of character expressions, gestures, etc. A notable improvement is that characters will now use hand-panels.
- Balance and feedback improvements to the Zenlil Combat Minigame.
- Dramatically improved traitor fight.
- Opened up cabin doors for boarding "by force"
- Fixed bug where "saying nothing" could cause erroneous dialog lines to play
- Fixed bug where all sound playback would stay "corrupted" after iDGi-1 signal interuptions
- Fixed broken looking arms when looking and punching straight up
- Fixes p19 possibly getting stuck in an idle VCD when told to sit in her chair
- Fixed p44 and p11 not stopping to work on the hatch if the player abandoned certain conversations
- Fixed the one instance where the bathroom virus light would not be flickering
- All charge stations will now function when the virus is cleaned
- Fixed case where p4 and p64 will now stay in their bunks in the barracks if they were in there previously, they will no longer get out and start using their HUD
- Simplified the logic surrounding the pre-confront traitor at the cabin scene to prevent various issues.
- Fixed bug when confronting traitor where he won't stop typing at the console for awhile after confronted
- Prevented player from getting out of chair at end of briefing too early and breaking NPC movement
- Schedule manager hooked up to all schedules, preventing A.I from walking in place and looking broken when player blocks them.
- Fixed an extremely obscure non-progression that could occur - lower avionics/cockpit hatch no longer unlocks until the boarding operation (at the earliest)
- Forced player out of chair in K15's office to avoid breaking traitor fight
- Improved visual feedback when enemy shields are depleted
- Erroneous footstep sounds in various places fixed
- Disabled charge punch during freefalling
- Fixes p32 and p4 possibly talking about the murder when confronting the merc in the hangar bay
- Safety script change made to ensure that R13 will always successfully get to b8's cabin in murder scene
- Fixed issue where you could see the health bars of the traitor bot before the VT booth door was opened
- Pawn 4 now has a click talk for when player is supposed to go to mission ops
- Moved the position of r25 during the traitor confrontation scene at back of plane to make scene work better
- Moved the "virus cmc" lines so they cannot overlap with the utility charge station update lines, also canceling them immediately if the traitor is beaten
- Fixed case where the lounge lights would turn to normal before the virus was actually fixed
- Made all rooks and knight 15 immortal (cannot be hurt)
- Fixed light skin issue in b6's cabin when player gets back into bed
- Improved traitor disintegration FX
- Disabled walk-by line for p51 during traitor fight
- Now fully locking and "virusing" cockpit and lower avionics during traitor battle
- Upped recycle value of consumables
- Made sure player door triggers are being properly disabled in mission ops when player gets in
- A few autosaves added
- Fixed bug where R25 could be click-talked after the player has the freefall suit, but she says the player still has the BUS
- Fixed up the proximity lights in the upper crawl/lounge hatch area so they won't turn completely off
- Removed thunderstorm particle systems turning on after briefing for performance reasons
- Cleaned up the scripting timings of the traitor confrontation scene
- Turned off everyone's Walk-By lines after the traitor confront stuff
- Increased time that word puzzle words come up on screen
- R25 now has a click-talk for her just after the briefing while she is still working on the CCU before the player gets their gear for the jump
- Elevator fixes
- All schedules are now being stopped through schedule managers
- Disabled all virus door stuff from traitor fight : determined it just wasn't fun and was causing too many knock off issues.
- Added safety kill brushes to make sure that npcs that fall out of the plane die
- Prevented player from using K15's office chair once traitor arrives
- R9 returns to his idle if player says nothing to [21]
- Removed the medbed scanning material from the virus screen rotation
- Bishop bed/desk opening/closing during _2 now has sounds
- Fixed the one case where the player had not gotten the chip repair mission yet, but R25 was at the CCU and there was no click-talk on her to allow the player to get the mission
- P12 will now forcibly make his way out of the medical bay after being fixed up - player cannot stop him.
- K15 will now go immediately back to work after the Queen leaves the conference
- Helped prevent animation sequence from appearing to "speed up" when "saying nothing" during particular part of murder scene
- Fixed brig screen: it now updates correctly and at the right times, whenever someone is put into the brig the screen will update.
- Improved re-spawn logic with CEAR bots in the trainer when killing them with the CEAR laser
- Removed unneccessary autosave from very beginning
- If player leaves cabin in the middle of 399, R25 will now correctly stop her line as she walks to the galley to wash her hands.
- Improved position of second escort fighter in the beginning so that it's more visible
- Removed "unlocked" text from upper crawl doors
- Fixed global ops/upper avionics hatch locked/unlocked issue
- Fixed collision of pawn32 in upper avionics so player can get past her.
- Fixed view angle on co-pilot chair so player can talk with Wade while sitting in the chair without issues.
- Fixed sub-titles for p32 when she's on the intercom
- Fixed schedule manager issue with P64
- Post angelov fight timers tweaked
- fix elevator hatch door blocking cubby
- fixed medbay pawns not being broken if entering the medbay the first time from lower avionics
- moved disposal bin that wasn't recyclable in hangar bay
- helmet and bus are now required to survive p64 incident
- Fixed virus energy charging stations on/off loop
- polished the EMP weapon approaching
- added more recyclable cans of compressed air into mission ops
- removed "unlocked" text on doors that don't need it
- Kiril will now grab the bars of his cell in the brig
- Major music sync polish to both threads of the pawn64 incident
- Fixed k15 potentially telling the player to leave the barracks after he's already left
- Fixed pawn64's patrol route after he's woken up in the barracks
- elevator doors set to not be openable automatically by npcs
- fixed recycling of air cans in mission ops to look correct
- fixed issue with recycling books in lockers swapping models when recycling them
- Fixed various overlapping and doubling dialogue that could occur when outside b8's cabin, before confronting the traitor
- Turning off elevator and stowaway nav meshes appropriately to help the traitor fight work correctly
- Based on whether pawn 1 dies or not, pawn 51 will now either sit next to pawn 62 OR sit near the cockpit
- Pawn 19 now uses the hand-panel when going up to the cockpit to talk with Rook 9
- Pawn 51 now uses the hand-panel when coming to see Rook 9 in the cockpit
- Polished up sequence in the beginning with R25 in the galley washing her hands and then going into the hatch - fixes bugs and bad overlapping animations that could occur if player did certain things.
- Prevented K15 stopping her idle before actually saying anything to her in mission ops near the beginning
- Improved soundscape and atmosphere when approaching b8's cabin to investigate B.U.S locker
- Fixed p32 and p4's positions when working on the console in the hangar bay
- Fixed issue with lights turning off in upper hallway when they should not have
- Fixed issue where K15 would walk back and forth a couple times before sitting in her chair in her office
- minor polish to dream intro ending
- tweak to elevator controls to prevent weird behaviour
- Sound FX sync fixes to elevator doors
- Fixed bathroom shower door clipping issue
- Fixed it so manual door panels will show as "unlocked" when open
- Fixed the upper elevator hatch so that it won't automatically close after a timer
- improved ambient sound FX in med bay
- Fixed issue where you would see disappearing geometry in mission ops if standing near the stairs
- K15 using hand-panel to open her office door
- added fix to make it impossible for npcs to get stuck in all player toggleable doors
- All holographic characters will no longer cast shadows
- Made all the autodoors only get delayed once - once they open they won't be delayed again
- Fixed issue where it was possible to get stuck on r25/r9 when they sit down at the briefing
- Triggering new anim for K15 actually using the hand panel in her office when she attempts to open the door
- Players jumping from the hangar bay door without a freefall suit will now fall to their death
- Mission ops /cabin doors light inconsistency fixed
- Fixed "turn off" context for hand dryers
- Fixed lower avionics core still making zapping sounds after abandoning the mission
- Fixed atmospheric shielding brushes to properly cover open exterior doors
- Fixed R25 hugging R13 during murder scene looking broken
- Fixed issue where player could get stuck on one of the battery crawl doors
- Fixed collision issues in battery crawl
- Fixed issue where player could not walk beside the chipbank in the battery crawl
- Fixed an instance where R13 would disappear during the initial Kiril conversation in Mission Ops
- Made changes so that the "R13 spinning around to look away from player" in the MedBay issue happen far less.
- Music balance tweaks
- Fixed overlapping music that could happen around when traitor is conversed with just before the traitor fight
- Reduce timers for doors closing to prevent light triggers from breaking
- P7 deceased mouse-over takes into account the lights
- P1 deceased mouse-over fixed.
- Minigame tuned
- Upper avionics door to upper crawl now auto closes.
- Fixes buttons getting in the way of the Global Ops pawns when they leave their chairs to go to mission ops
- Fixes it so that it's impossible to run out of mission operations immediately after triggering the Angelov encounter stuff and breaking the game
- Fixed various issues with saving Pawn 1 (repeating sounds and anims)
- Fixed R25 appearing to "disappear" at the window as the EMP is approaching, if the player is in her way-
- Removed P51's walkby line before the traitor fight
- Fixed ladder looping sounds not turning off after stepping off ladder
- Weapons locker - added many more bullets.
- Fixed issue with P19 getting stuck outside the elevator, preventing player from entering virtual trainer
- Turned off sparking in mission operations after the zenlil defense minigame
- Removedhttp://bestgamer.net fighters from skybox for game ending fly up sequence
- Forced player out of chair in K15's office to avoid breaking traitor fight
- Turned off Merc click-talk if player starts a fight early
- R13 now uses his HUD idle throughout the briefing
- Lowered storage energy requirements for some consortium gear
- Fixed boarding carrier doors so they don't close anymore - no real reason to do so and it was causing issues
- Closed cockpit window grates in _1 to draw attention to them more in latter half of game
- Fixed p19's console light not shutting off when EMP hits
- R25 and others now walk around P1's bod
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